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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a few minutes to get to know us. We’re two gal pals who love all things Food and Travel related.

Come along with us as we explore a bunch of good eats and awesome travel experiences both locally and all over the world. The best restaurant or waterfall may be just around the corner or a 12-hour plane ride away – either way, we’re down to do both! After all, we’re both naturally greedy and can never stay in one place for too long – hence our affinity for stuffing our faces in different places. Ha! That sort of rhymes…we may have a rap duo career in the making. Move over Cardi B and Nikki Minaj 🙂


Back to business. Here’s a few stats that make us legitimate food & travel content creators that you should want in your life: 

Chica #1 aka TSB: 

Foodie Vibe: TSB is a happy-go-lucky kinda gal who’s open to eating just about anything. Although, nowadays she’s experimenting with one of those sorta-but-not-really Vegan lifestyles…you know one of “those” people who will still eats cheese when she feels like it 🙂

Travel Vibe: You’ll spot this travelista walking around pretty much every North American city taking in the local scene or jet-setting off to a variety of international destinations. Having been to over 40 countries this gal is all about exploring the Six and beyond! It doesn’t take much to get her to explore – especially if it includes live sports, live music and french fries (sweet potato, regular, whatever you’ve got!)

Chica #2 aka TD:

Foodie Vibe: TD is a high-energy kinda gal who’s literally one of the pickiest eaters alive! Despite this tragic trait, she still manages to eat her heart out everywhere she goes. Including cheese and ice cream even though she’s lactose intolerant – Thug Life.

Travel Vibe: You’ll spot this hot-stepper exploring everywhere she can! With home-bases in both Toronto and Atlanta, this gal is never in one place for too long. She’ll go anywhere that has a beach, pool and sun for days! However, you can also catch her snowshoeing through a trail or failing miserably at the ski slopes. Queen of the road trip, she’s always jumping behind the wheel to set off to another city when flying simply isn’t an option. One thing for sure, if there’s people, dancing, music or outdoor adventures involved she will be there!

Why Food & Travel?

Coming from Toronto – affectionately known as “the Six” (home of the 6 God himself Drizzy Drake), we’re #Blessed to have grown up eating foods and experiencing a bazillion cultures. We’re always on the hunt to try new recipes, new restaurants and explore new cities and countries during our amazing travel experiences.

Stick around, and see where our bellies and passports lead us to next!

The Explorethe6 Gals 



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