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Meatless Meals: Our Good Friday Easter Eats

Yay for Easter! It gave us a legit reason to overindulge in way too much food without judgement #Blessed.

For both of us, Easter (particularly Good Friday) meant that we were feasting on some Jamaican Easter holiday staples 🙂

  • Fried Fish (Red Snapper and King Fish to be exact)
  • Jamaican Bun and Cheese (a remix of the original Hot Cross Buns from England. It  has fruits and spices but tastes nothing like a traditional fruit cake. Just know that it’s L.I.F.E.);
  • Hardo Bread (similar to Pullman loaf or pain de mie, but sweeter)
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs because what kind of human doesn’t eat Easter Eggs?!

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I guess you can say, Easter is like one big ‘ol Fish Fry with tons of carbs in our households! Thankfully all of the above, are super easy to find in and around the Toronto area and there’s no reason why you can’t eat these treats all year round.

What  delicious eats did you and yours feast on this Easter holiday? Tag us on Instagram using #Explorethe6 and show us what you were chewing on 🙂


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