A small eatery that makes fresh pasta – daily, reminds me of being in Italy. I love pasta, wait, let me try this again, I LOVE PASTA which is why I made my way to PASTA MONDO today to check out their grand opening.

Explore The 6

Pasta Mondo offers fully customizable dishes – choose your pasta, then choose your sauce, and finally choose your toppings.

Explore The 6

Explore The 6

I opted for the penne pasta with alfredo sauce topped with parmesan cheese which was delicious, and my lunch date had the Casareccia pasta with bolognese sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and parmesan.

Explore The 6
As someone who has become more food conscious, knowing what I’m eating is very important to me. So the best part about Pasta Mondo are the ingredients they use:

-no preservatives or additives
-quality ingredients
-all natural
-hormone and antibiotic free meat

Explore The 6Good quality pasta, reasonably priced, the alfredo and bolognese dishes were perfect. SO FRICKIN GOOD!! Pasta Mondo, I will be back.

So loves, tell me have you tried Pasta Mondo yet?





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