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Modern Toronto Restaurant Serves Up An Upscale Menu

I must have walked by Kelly’s Landing Bar & Grill, located at Bay and Front, a zillion times. I always noticed that this chic looking Toronto restaurant was packed with a diverse crowd of people ranging from sports fans to Bay street bankers who all seemed to be having a great time.

Filled with curiosity I hit up my foodie partner in crime, and off we went to check out this fairly new spot that’s a part of The Landing Group of restaurants.

Kellys Landing-Toronto restaurants-entrance-

Restaurant Decor/Vibe:

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Kelly’s Landing definitely made a good first impression on us. Upon entry, we were greeted by a beautiful spacious restaurant with high ceilings, unique pieces and an overall cool, upscale vibe.

This Toronto restaurant has a real energy to it with stunning booths, natural light pouring in and a 13-foot TV, which is capable of splitting into six screens looms – perfect for watching all the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches or when multiple Toronto sports teams play on the same day.

Kelly's Landing-Toronto restaurants-seating area-
Booth with unique light fixture


Kellys Landing - Toronto restaurant -
Catching the game on the TV screens

For all you music lovers, a live DJ spins Wednesdays through Saturdays evenings. This is major bonus points for me in particular because I’m pretty much over the nightclub scene! A nice lounge or restaurant with live music spinning is right up my alley.


The moment we stepped into Kelly’s Landing we were greeted by two very pleasant hosts, and the friendly service didn’t stop there.

Our server Helen, was a breath of fresh air. Originally from Ireland, Helen was attentive, funny and showed a genuine interest in making sure our dining experience was a great one. When people are passionate and love what they do it always shines through in their work.

The General Manager, Tom also swung by our table to tell us about the new awesome rooftop and for some general chit-chat. Managers who personally take the time to greet their guests are awesome, and Tom was just that.

Kelly's Landing-Toronto restaurants-cookies-
Thank You Cookies

Even Allan, who coordinated our reservation checked in with us at the start of our meal to ensure things were running smoothly and he wasn’t even scheduled to work that day – talk about dedication!

This is one Toronto restaurant where service definitely shines through. Even our take home box with our leftovers had a personal touch to it.

Kelly's Landing-Toronto restaurants-thank you box-


Toronto restaurants are known for having good food. Kelly’s Landing definitely lived up to this! We found a lot of unique and tasty options on the menu.

We started off with the Trio Dip as our appetizer. This dish contains goat cheese, red pepper dip, warm eggplant, spicy hummus, garlic confit and is served with naan bread, focaccia toast points, and tortilla chips. One word, Delish.

Kellys Landing-Toronto restaurants-trio dip-

Our entrees consisted of the Maple Cider Roast Chicken (1/2 maple cider chicken, market vegetables, roasted herb potatoes, pan gravy) and the Lobster Fettuccine (whole 1¼ lb east coast lobster, mushrooms, leek and sherry tarragon cream, fettuccine).

The Maple Cider Roast Chicken was juicy and tender. There’s a delightful sweet, subtle flavour, thanks to maple syrup being added to the sauce – yum.

Kellys Landing-Toronto restaurants-maple cider roast chicken-
Maple Cider Roast Chicken

The Lobster Fettuccine was a big bowl of creamy melt in your mouth heaven.

Kelly's Landing - Toronto restaurant - lobster fettuccine-
Lobster Fettuccine



Neither of us are huge alcohol drinkers, but we did notice that Kelly’s Landing has a lot of choices of beers on tap, mixed drink options, and a well-stocked bar and wine cellar.

After a brief rundown of the cocktail menu by our server, we opted for the Peach Pony & Honey Smash.

The Peach Pony is a mix of absolute, peach nectar, peach bitters, fresh lemon juice, and ginger beer. The Honey Smash, a mix of absolute, raspberries, strawberries, mint, fresh lemon juice and honey.

Kellys Landing-Toronto restaurants-drink menu-
L-R: Honey Smash, Peach Pony

Just saying the name of these beautiful drinks makes me feel refreshed, and both are perfect for the summer. Now go, get your own cocktail, and tell Tom that Tiffany & Tammy from Explore The 6 sent you 🙂


Last but not least, we finished up our meal with the Sticky Toffee Pudding and the Chocolate Cake.

We we’re both super hesitant about trying the Sticky Toffee Pudding because neither of us are big toffee fans. However, after a lot of encouragement from Tom and pretty much every single person who had it before we decided to give it a try.

Ya’ll. You have to try this! This  warm sticky toffee pudding has a hint of chili that surprises your taste buds. The vanilla ice cream and salted caramel balance the flavors beautifully to create a magical foodie experience you’ll crave again and again.

Kelly's Landing-Toronto restaurants-sticky toffee pudding-
Sticky Toffee Pudding

The house-made layered Chocolate Cake was incredibly moist, with the perfect balance of chocolate with raspberry filling. If you’re a chocolate lover definitely give the Kelly’s Landing Chocolate Cake a try.

Kelly's Landing-Toronto restaurants-chocolate cake-
Chocolate Cake

The Final Verdict:

The service was awesome. The food was fabulous. The location is right in the heart of downtown Toronto. What more could you ask for? We’ll definitely be visiting Kelly’s Landing again soon because this Toronto restaurant did not disappoint!!!

 What’s your favorite food item to order from restaurants?


  • Kaitlyn

    I used to live in Toronto, but I’ve never eaten here. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in the city! Always love to check out new restaurants downtown.

    • explorethe6

      It’s only been open less than a year so maybe that’s why you’ve never heard of it, but deff check it out next time you’re in town 🙂

  • Ruth I.

    This looks like one of the nice place! A good service and delicious food are the best to experience in a restaurant.

  • Kiwi

    I would love to Visit Toronto and I will add this to my food listing. I think the Toffee Pudding is the dessert I would have to try!

  • Megan

    These pictures have me so hungry especially for the Lobster Fettuccine and the Chocolate Cake. Kelly’s Landing has a really cool vibe from the pictures. I loved the industrial chic lighting fixture that was over that table.

  • Sundeep Bhatia

    After reading your blog I am feeling hungry. And we already added this restaurant to our to do list. The dish in the blog looks so delicious. We are going to try this asap.

  • alexiswalllovelivingjoyfullycom

    This looks like a fun place to eat! I would go for the chocolate cake for dessert!

  • Emma Riley

    It looks like a nice place to dine in it so clean and the food that they served looks so delicious up to their desserts. Hope to be there someday to have a chance to taste their food.

  • Deserted_Queen

    I have been to Toronto but haven’t been to this restaurant. My bad luck. Next time I come I will be there. The food looks extremely delicious. I have heard in winter the food in Toronto is different. Is that true?

  • Polly

    Looks like a great restaurant to dine. I love resto that have good customer service aside from good selection of food. I’m glad you enjoyed it there.

  • pujarinimitra

    Looks like a great restaurant to hang out with friends and watch the match. Love the food selection.

  • Cindy s.

    This place seems amazing!! I ve been wanting to visit toronto and the items on this menu look so good esp the dessert!

  • Esme Sy

    I’m not surprised that this is another great restaurant from Toronto. I’m glad that places like this are given the limelight they deserve, and should be more. The service sounds top-notch, quality is just evident and I can almost taste and savor those delicious food just by reading this review. Thumbs up!

    • explorethe6

      Totally agree with you! There’s so many great Toronto restaurants and they all deserve to get their shine. Great food & great service will win me over every time!

  • Sarah Camille

    Oo I’d love to have a sip of that Peach Pony and a bite of that chocolate cake. The atmosphere and food at this place seem awesome. I just need to visit Toronto soon!

  • The Velazquez House

    girl, you just made my mouth water!!! It all looked so good. I am such a foodie and I know this would definitely be on my list of regular spots if I lived anywhere near Toronto lol If I ever get the chance to visit, I know where I’m going to eat!

  • Candace

    This is one restaurant I have not been to! I’m definitely going to need to check it out next time I’m in the area. Thanks for sharing your dining experience!

  • tizzysays

    I love a restaurant with a good vibe to it, and this place definitely has one. Then, when you see great staff and food, it makes it a place you want to tell stories about…like you did here.

    • explorethe6

      Exactly! Great food is obviously why we all go out to eat. But if a restaurant lacks great service and a welcoming vibe it’s not worth it. Kelly’s Landing delivered on all 3 for us.

  • chichiuguru

    Honestly managers that try to personalize your experience are very great. They make the atmosphere welcoming. I love the cookies packaged so neatly. I have to stick to the cookies because all the food pictures in this post had literally got me drooling on my phone. Sorry for being so explicit.🙈

    • explorethe6

      hahahahahaha! No need to apologize for the explicit drooling – we totally get it! Eat!Eat!Eat! LOL

  • Alison Rost

    The place is lovely, definitely perfect for a meal with family or friends! I really like the food, everything looks amazing! I sure hope to drop by someday!

    • explorethe6

      Definitely stop by when you get a chance! Let us know how your dining experience goes whenever you do 🙂

  • Angela Tolsma

    I love finding a new place to eat! This place sounds like a great place to get and I love the lights over the table!

    • explorethe6

      Confession: I contemplated asking Tom the GM if I could swap my take home cookies for that light fixture. I LOVE it!

  • Nati

    It’s always such a pleasure to discover a new great restaurant! my husband travels periodically to Toronto, I will pass him your review, because he’s a foodie!

    • explorethe6

      Yay! I hope your hubby stops by during his next trip to Toronto. We could be easily convinced to join him for a drink & app if he needs some fellow foodie company, LOL

  • helenevlacho

    I have never been to Toronto, but I would love to visit this city one day and this restaurant of course. The plates look so tasty and your review was really good! The lobster fettuccine would be my first choice!

    • explorethe6

      It’s the maple syrup that takes this chicken to the next level. It’s so incredibly moist and flavorful. Let us know if you get a chance to try it!

  • cleverlychanging

    I like the simplicity of the food shared. I also like that everything was fresh. Looks like an amazing place to eat.

    • explorethe6

      Simplicity is the name of the game! I know some foodies only like really complex meals with a million things going on. But I prefer food that’s fresh and innovative, but with ingredients that I don’t have to Google, LOL

  • Elizabeth O

    Ooh this looks like an amazing place to visit. It is really chic and looks like a welcoming place to enjoy a meal.

  • Lisa RIos

    That food certainly looks delicious! I love the modern vibe – Toronto does have lots of food options (I love Chinatown personally) but I’ll have to go here next time!

    • explorethe6

      Oh yes, there’s soooooooo many Toronto restaurants. I love Chinatown too. But the financial district is calling with this yummy addition!

  • marjiemare

    I am grateful for your post. We are going to Montreal in August and I will make sure to visit Toronto.

  • Kay

    This looks like an amazing restaurant. The atmosphere is so important when it comes to dining. The decor is to die for

    • explorethe6

      Yes! Tell your sister to definitely grab a meal at Kelly’s Landing. It’s right in the heart of the city so easy to walk too!

  • Nicole

    This looks so good! The lobster fettuccine and chocolate cake look to die for! I would love to try this place out sometime, thanks for sharing!

    • explorethe6

      Ha! That was Tammy’s order so the two of you would’ve had matching meals if you dined together! I stole a bit of her Lobster Fettuccine + the Chocolate Cake and both were amazing!

  • Stephanie

    It’s so funny how we can walk past a place so many times before trying it. This sounds like an awesome place for lunch or dinner with friends. I love finding unique new restaurants.

    • explorethe6

      So true! This spot is perfect for lunch, dinner or just grabbing a drink and taking in the vibes 🙂

    • explorethe6

      Atmosphere is everything! I can’t stand eating in a place that just looks or feels blah, LOL. They really put thought and attention to detail into the decor. It’s not overwhelming, but inviting and modern.

  • Nicole

    This place looks fantastic! I’m going to have to pin this for our visit to Toronto in the fall, it’s nice to have a place with a glowing recommendation in mind. That pudding looks amazing!

    • explorethe6

      Definitely pin it so you remember! We both really enjoyed our meals and everyone seated around us seemed to as well. When you visit in the Fall definitely check them out and let us know if you tried the desserts!

  • Karla

    Totally love the decor! The sticky toffee pudding looks so delicious! When I go to restaurants I usually order smoothies and cakes!

    • explorethe6

      I really should’ve ordered a Sticky Toffee Pudding to go! It was sooooooooo good. As soon as I get back to Toronto I’m getting one…or three LOL

  • Geraline Batarra

    Kelly’s Landing looks like a nice place to dine in. The foods, the drinks and the services looks so fabulous and fantastic.

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