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Real Sports Bar Toronto Has A New Menu You’ve Gotta Try

Food + Sports. There really isn’t a better duo in our opinion. That’s why we practically ran to Real Sports Bar Toronto when they invited us to taste their new menu selections during their Real Sports Ultimate World Cup Viewing Experience event. Side note: Congrats to Team France a.k.a. Team Africa for taking the top spot in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Before jumping into the new menu selections let’s chat a bit about the overall vibe at Real Sports. Especially for those of you not from Toronto. Whether you’re a sports fan or not – Real Sports Bar & Grill serves up an atmosphere like no other.

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As soon as you walk in you’ll have no doubts as to why it’s one the busiest sports bars in North America and the #1 Sports Bar in Toronto. With 25,000 sq feet, this place feels more like an ultra lounge vs. a sports bar. The main feature is a two-story high, 39-ft HD TV above the bar. There’s also an additional 200 TV’s (bathrooms included) so no matter where you sit you always have the best seat in the house.

Let’s chat about the new menu items shall we?

New Menu Selections:

Once we arrived at Real Sports we made our way up to the VIP Area, where Chef Matthew Sullivan was on-site, preparing freshly made items from the new menu he created. If his name rings a bell, the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) Corporate Chef also appeared on Top Chef Canada, Season 6  and is a real life Chopped Canada Champion! Yeah, we were a little bit geeked to meet this foodie master in person. We know we’re not the only one’s who’ve spent an entire Saturday night watching Chopped Marathons! LOL

BBQ Fries:  Warning – these bad boys are addictive, and not just because we’re both addicted to fries!

Hand cut fries, smoker drippings, honey and a secret dry rub are combined to create what we can only refer to as magic on a plate. This was by far, our favorite dish off the new menu. The addition of the honey really takes these fries to a whole other level. Every bite has the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

True story: Tammy literally ate three plates of these BBQ Fries on her own!

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real sports bar toronto - bbq fries - real sports bar menu


Pork & Knife Smoked Burrito “Taco”:

What is life without tacos right?! Whether you’re team taco or team burrito you’ll appreciate that Chef Sullivan kicked up the taste-o-meter on one of the most popular food items on any restaurant’s menu. Filled with rice & beans, sharp cheddar, guacamole, sour cream AND BBQ fries you may want to use a knife and fork to devour these tacos.

Our verdict: do yourself a favor and just eat these. Don’t debate it – just do it like Nike. Stealing a line from Guy Fieri – welcome to flavortown!


real sports bar toronto - smoked burrito tacos -



Somebody cue up Usher Raymond on your Spotify playlist because these are our confessions – neither one of us is crazy about ribs. Yes, we said it. We.Do.Not.Like.Ribs. Now, take a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor and accept that it’s even humanly possible not to be a rib lover LOL.

Despite our lack of love for ribs, we totally dig the vision and welcome this twist on sliders. These rib sliders definitely offer up a different flavor profile compared to traditional beef or chicken sliders. They come complete with coleslaw, maple bourbon BBQ sauce and cornbread. Considering that we both live between Toronto and Atlanta we can appreciate some moist cornbread any day!

Our verdict: Rib lovers give these a try!


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Mini Mac Daddy:

Ya’ll. Real Sports needs to change the name of this dish to “the miggida, miggida, miggida Mac Daddy,” cause it makes you wanna Jump, Jump like Kris Kross circa 1992. We’re talking about 12-hour smoked brisket, creamy three-cheese sauce and macaroni served up in a bowl of deliciousness that makes you content with living a life committed to wearing elastic waistband pants forever because you’ll eat this EVERYDAY until they stop selling it.

Our verdict: This dish was delicious! The macaroni was so cheesey and perfectly seasoned, while the brisket was tender and juicy. Yeah, please go get you some!

real sports bar toronto - mini mac tsb-

Mini Smoked Chicken Grilled Cheese: 

Grilled Cheese is a classic. If you don’t like it we kindly request that you no longer follow us on our food journey because we can’t have that type of negativity in our lives – we joke, we joke! This smoked chicken grilled cheese did not disappoint.

Piri Piri sauce, provolone and smoked mozzarella come together on a brioche bun for the perfect melt in your mouth experience. It has the perfect amount of cheese-to-chicken ratio making this sandwich a winner.

Our verdict: Why haven’t you made your way over to Real Sports yet to order one?

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Of course, there’s a bunch of other items on the Real Sports Bar menu that are sure to please your palate. All items on the new menu are available now. If you’re in town visiting or a local let us know if you hit up Real Sports and have your own ultimate game watching experience too!



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