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How to Make Simple Syrup for Your Summer Cocktails or Coffee

I hosted a small gathering for a few of my closest friends and a friend asked how I made my signature drink, a strawberry-orange cocktail. I explained all the ingredients used, strawberries, oranges, vodka, sparkling water and simple syrup, and how easy it is to make simple syrup for your summer cocktails or coffee.

Simple Syrup for Your Summer Cocktails

To which my friend replied: “what’s simple sugar, and where can I find it?”

I was stunned for a second! It never crossed my mind that it was sold in the grocery store, I always just made it.

“Girl, don’t waste your money buying simple syrup, if you have sugar at home, you can make it, all kinds of flavors.”

Simple syrup is one of the best ingredients to use in summer drinks, coffee, teas or any other drink that require a little sweetness. Also called sugar syrup, you will find it in many of your favorite mixed drinks – Daiquiris and Mojitos just to name a few.

It is so easy to make simple syrup for your summer cocktails or coffee, only requiring two ingredients in equal portions: sugar and water.





Add equal parts of sugar and water to a saucepan.

Turn stove to medium and stir.

Heat until the sugar dissolves

Stir until liquid is clear

Turn the stove off and let the liquid cool

Remove saucepan from the stove and pour simple syrup into a jar(s).

If you desire to make infused simple syrups (flavored simple syrup), this is the time to add the extra ingredient. Stir them into the syrup and set aside to finish cooling.

Once the syrup is cool remove your infused ingredients. Don’t worry the flavor isn’t going anywhere.

Transfer the simple syrup to an airtight container and place in the fridge for up to four weeks.

That’s it! Simple syrup really is, well, simple.

For infused simple syrup try adding: mint, orange peels, grapefruit peels, lemon peels, berries, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, ginger, or fresh garden herbs.


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