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6 Items You Need For Summer Travel

Summer is in full swing and that means adventure. I love travelling and seeing new cultures and customs. I’ve made it my mission to try to find the best travel-friendly products to make my own travel life easier. If you are in the midst of planning your schedule, here are 6 items you need for summer travel.

6 Items You Need For Summer Travel

1. Backpack
When strolling through a new city, similar to like @nadiine.o you will need to bring your camera, snacks, travel maps, lip gloss and anything else you can’t live without for a day. Enter: the backpack. A purse is cute but it can be too small for all that’s needed for the day. A roller bag is big but no one wants to pull a bag all day. A backpack is the perfect size, throw it over both shoulders are you’re ready for anything. Don’t fear wearing a backpack, they have become stylish again and come in all kinds of cool colors and styles.

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2. Sunglasses
Not only do sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, they can totally change a look. The best thing about sunglasses is they always look super cool. Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Walmart, doesn’t matter what brand you choose to wear. With the right pair of sunglasses you will look cute. As seen in this picture courtesy of @sonakshiiiiiiii

3. Swimsuit
This might be the most important item. When travelling I always try to get a swim in at a lake or roof top swimming pool. Swimming cools down the body on a hot summer day. It’s nice to swim alone, but it’s great swimming with friends or other travelers in something comfortable like this image by @josie_clough.


4. Camera (priceless memories)
A swim suit might be the most important item, but the camera is right behind it. Memories are priceless so capture them on a DSLR or a camera phone if that is all that’s available. Capture the great landscape around you. If you don’t have someone to take your picture, travel with a tripod. Use the camera setting to set the timer and smile. A great selfie makes for a great picture to share with friends or Instagram. @coyullfilms shows off his hardware.

5. Great Pair of Jeans
No one wants to carry around lots of luggage when travelling. Pack your favorite pair of jeans that you can dress up and dress down. Jeans are a staple when it comes to adventures abroad. Whether they are freshly pressed or a little dirty they get the job done. Take a look at how @official_delvin rocks his jeans. Casual walk down main street or a full out hike, jeans will keep you looking great.


6. Sweater
Whether it’s a pull over hoddie or a zipped up sweater a jacket of some kind is a must-have item you need for summer travel. Each destination has it’s own climate and it’s always good to be prepared for anything. The temperature will cool down at night no matter the destination so a sweater is the perfect item to carry in a backpack for cool night. Why not express your personality with a unique sweater like  @modakawaofficial.

6 Items You Need For Summer Travel! Do you have more items on your summer travel list? If so, what does your summer travel list look like?

So, wherever you are headed – enjoy your trip and stay safe!

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