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Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M

When I heard that Chef Jackie Chang opened District M in Sandy Springs, I couldn’t wait to check out this new restaurant. Chef Jackie Chang, formerly of Umi in Buckhead and O-Ku in Westside, leads the kitchen and sushi bar at this new upscale Japanese restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M.


District M is in the Modera Sandy Springs complex on Roswell Road. The front of the restaurant boasts a cute patio for those who enjoy outside dining. While the inside dΓ©cor is clean, modern and chic. The best part of the restaurant might just be the awesome sushi bar. The sushi bar circles around the sushi chefs in a perfect way. Grab a seat at the sushi bar for a great omakase experience with Chef Jackie Chang.

Side note: The menus at District M are heavy in a good way. I personally loved the gold-boujee clipboard, it added to the dining experience.


The service was extremely attentive and accommodating at District M. The staff is very welcoming as soon as you walk in the door. My water glass was always full, and the server checked in regularly. The general manager walks around observing the room making sure all diners are enjoying their meals.


District M offers a few different omakase options but I opted for the Ebisu, set 6 course. I started off with the O’ Toro Tartar Caviar. I wasn’t sure about this combination at first but the buttery tuna is heaven for your taste buds. This dish came beautifully packed into a bamboo box, with black caviar on a bowl of ice. The wasabi, crΓ¨me fraiche, puffed rice, toasted sliced white bread, and truffle yuzu sauce also came on the side. The presentation was beautiful and I knew I was in for a treat.

The Oyster Ponzu Jelly was next and it was delicious.

Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M - explorethe6.com
O’ Toro Tartar Caviar
Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M - explorethe6.com
Oyster Ponzu Jelly

Accompanied by a few cocktails, I could have easily left satisfied after the appetizers. But Jackie Chang was just getting started. He began preparing for the sashimi and nigiri portions of the meal.

The sashimi was next. A decedent selection of scallop, tako, red snapper, O-toro, Hamachi, Branzino, and Grouper. The cuts were beautiful and very fresh. The fish is flown in daily from Japan and I can tell as the sashimi literally melts in your mouth.

Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M - explorethe6.com

The Miso Glazed Black Cod, marinated for over 7 days, surprised me. I loved it! This was perhaps my favorite dish. Buttery soft fish with a crunchy top texture from the blackened skin.

Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M - explorethe6.com
Miso Glazed Black Cod

Iga Yaki Gril Special was amazing. Lobster served with shishitou, mushrooms and truffle butter sauce.

Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M - explorethe6.com
Iga Yaki Gril Special: Lobster

Chef Jackie Chang is a high skilled sushi chef and it shows as each piece of nigiri is fresh and crafted with excellence.

Upscale Japanese Restaurant in metro-Atlanta: District M - explorethe6.com

Japanese dining is not complete without a bowl of miso soup. I devoured the miso soup despite being full from the previous dishes.

Lastly, the green tea ice sherbet was served and it was really good. The perfect way to end a great meal.


By the end of the six courses all plates were empty! Some people might think District M is on the expensive side, but honestly for the quality of fish and cuts I found it reasonable.

Phenomenal sushi experience. Thank you Chef Jackie and the rest of District M’s staff for a wonderful dinner experience. I can’t wait to return again.

6125 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs
Website: www.districtmatl.com


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