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6 Travel Hacks that will Transform the Way You Fly

More and more people are jet settling nowadays and, everyone knows the basic when it comes to the airport. But not everyone knows the smart hacks that will make their travel experience more comfortable. Here are 6 travel hacks that will transform the way you fly.

1. Book an early morning flight for less turbulence

Mornings are relatively quiet in the skies, but heavy winds usually pick up in the afternoon. Book an early morning flight to give yourself a relaxing flight experience. Take it one step further and sit in the middle seat. Middle seats receive the least amount of turbulence during flights.

2. Tie a colorful ribbon to your suitcase

Most people travel with a black suitcase so tie a colorful ribbon to differentiate your luggage quickly while at baggage claim.

6 Travel Hacks -

3. Take a picture of where you park

After a long holiday vacation it is easy to forget where you park. Take a picture when you arrive at the airport so you won’t have to rely on your memory. The last thing you want to be do after a lovely vacation is remember where you parked at the airport. Take an extra minute when you arrive at the airport and make sure you take a picture of your section and space.

6 Travel Hacks -

4. Bring an empty water bottle

Trying to get liquids through security can be a hassle since you’re only allowed to bring 3oz bottles of liquid through airport security. Pack your favorite water bottle in your carry-on to avoid paying high prices for water at the airport. There are water fountains usually by every bathroom which makes it easy to fill up once you are through security.

5. Wear your bulkiest items of clothing

Airplanes are usually cold so you want to wear layers on the plane so you can stay warm and comfortable on your flight. The other reason for wearing your bulkiest items is you will be saving yourself lots of space in your carry-on or suitcase. All airlines charge for checked baggage so if you can pack just a carry-on you will save yourself baggage fees.
Wear your bulkiest jacket or coat and place then in the overhead locker when you’re on the plane.

6. Ask for the exit row

When you get to your gate go to the desk and ask politely and quietly for an exit row. If you don’t want to shell out lots of money for a first class seat, the exit row is the next best thing. Exit rows have the most legroom on the plan after first class. The worst thing that could happen is they can say no.

6 Travel Hacks -

Apply these 6 travel hacks the next time you fly and you’re guaranteed to make your airport experience a little better. So, wherever you are headed next – enjoy your trip and stay safe!

Didn’t we miss any? Do you have another hack to add, let us know in the comments below.

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