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Why Priority Pass is a Must for Frequent Travelers

I love to travel. As a matter of fact I’m writing this post as I travel. However, to keep it real, there are a few things I don’t enjoy about travelling. Flight delays, long layovers, slow Wifi, and uncomfortable gate seats are a few of the things that frustrate me. Entre Priority Pass.

Most airlines have their own lounge for their top frequent flyers. Unfortunately, you need to be flying with them to access the lounge. I travel a lot to a number of different destinations each year, so it’s not possible for me to consistently fly with one particular airline. Some airport lounges accept walk-ins, but I can’t bring myself to pay $50 to enter a lounge.

I heard about Priority Pass from a friend. I researched and realized there are some great benefits of owning a membership! The main benefit is it gives me access to luxurious airport lounges worldwide. How awesome does that sound? Well, continue reading to find out more about this great membership!


Priority Pass is an airport lounge access program that allows it’s members entry to airport lounges around the world. No matter what airline you are flying on or what class you are flying, business, or economy, you have access. Priority Pass gives everyone the chance to enjoy a VIP travel experience!

As of today, Priority Pass has over 1,300 lounges in 600 cities across 148 countries. These numbers will continue to grow as they make more partnerships worldwide. [For a complete list, go here.] In order to cater to every traveler’s budget, Priority Pass has three membership options to choose from: Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige. The Standard Membership is for the occasional traveler. The Standard Plus Membership for the regular traveler. Last, the Prestige Membership is for the frequent traveler. No matter which membership you select, owning Priory Pass is a great deal. Most lounges usually don’t allow entry so this access can be priceless. As a frequent traveler I have the Prestige Membership for about two years and I absolutely love it.

Standard – $99, both member and guest visits cost $32
Standard Plus – $299, comes with 10 free visits for the member, then $32 per visit and $32 per guest
Prestige – $429, comes with unlimited free visits for the member and $32 per guest


Priority Pass lounges are relatively quiet spaces with lots of big comfortable seating. Complimentary pre-flight drinks and snacks are offered in each lounge, as well as other added perks that help me refresh before my next flight.

With my membership I have been able to use it in every airport I’ve landed. South Korea, Peru, and Thailand just to name a few. Each lounge is set up differently with it’s own décor and style. I must say though, the most memorable lounge experience I have had so far would be when I visited the Priority Pass lounge in Lima Peru. The Hanaq VIP Lounge in Terminal 1 was awesome! The lounge featured multiple large spaces with big comfy chairs, multiple food buffet areas, a full bar and a separate children’s play area.

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After checking in at the main counter in Peru, and going through airport security, I found out that my flight was delayed. Without my membership, I would have been frustrated walking around the airport looking for a comfortable place to sit and eat. With my membership I was able to head straight to the lounge, find a nice comfortable seat and grab a hot breakfast before my flight.

That being said, there really is a lot to love about being a Priority Pass Member.


  1. Priority Pass has created tons of partnerships and can be used almost anywhere worldwide. Airlines are notorious for flight delays and changes. If you find yourself stuck in a certain airport for a period of time, it’s much nicer to pass the time by in a lounge environment.
  2. Checking into a lounge is super easy to use and usually very quick. No reservations are needed for the lounge. Once I arrive at a lounge all I do is I show my membership ID and I’m off to a comfortable stay.
  3. Priority Pass provides luxury and comfort. All lounges offer big comfortable seats. However, there are some lounges that even have showers, conference rooms, beds ( sleeping pods ), and other great amenities.
  4. Priority Pass usually offers a buffet experience featuring hot and cold cooked items. Light bites, snacks, and drinks ( alcohol and non-alcohol ) are also in the lounge!
  5. The Wifi in the lounge is usually fast and reliable. It is often better than the free airport Wifi. As someone who needs access to internet during my travels, I can always rely on Priority Pass lounges to keep me connected. A lot of airports will provide free Wifi access for an hour. I need connectivity for the duration of my time in the airport. I can always count on the Priority Pass airport lounge to provide unlimited fast internet.


Think about it. If you were to purchase a meal at the airport it might cost you the same price as a stay in the lounge. Why not enjoy your airport experience in a more comfortable environment, right. If you’re in the air with any regularity you need Priority Pass in your life. It’s not just a luxury for rich people, it’s a chance to relax and have a glass of wine before your flight. Priority Pass has been the perfect travel companion for every step of my travel journey. Find complete list of lounges here.

Aside from lounges, there are a few places where your Priority Pass membership grants you access to different boutique airport amenities. For example, at these airports you can rent out small private rooms, Minute Suites:
Dallas-Fort Worth
A single Priority Pass visit can be applied and used towards a 1-hour stay in a private room. After the first hour, you will be charged a set hourly price. You can also pay for extra amenities, like a shower, and they even have discounted rates for 8-hour overnight stays.

Have you visits a Priority Pass Lounge? Comment below and let me know.

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