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6 Cold Pressed Juices in Toronto to Try Today

Cold Pressed Juices in Toronto are the new trend. $7 -$13 sounds crazy for a bottle of juice, but when you look at the process and benefits of cold-pressing it just might be worth it. No heat or oxygen is used in the cold-pressing process, nutrients are not lost as they typically are when heated during pasteurization.

Cold pressed juice is refreshing and packed with vitamins and minerals. For those who are super busy, cold pressed juice can be the healthiest part of your day. Drinking a cold pressed juice is a great way to add the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It’s perfect for grabbing on the go and sipping while you work.


Cedar –


Buda Juice –

ELXR Juice Lab

These juices are so fresh. A number of Toronto shops like Jimmy’s Coffee and Nadege sell ELXR juices.




Revitasize –



Ready to give cold pressed juices in Toronto a try? Grab a juice today from one of these juice bars. If you prefer smoothies, grab some fruits and vegetables and try making your own smoothie.

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