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New Seafood Restaurant on Tampa’s Riverwalk: Anchor and Brine

Anchor and Brine is a new seafood restaurant and bar designed by Mexican-born chef/restaurateur Richard Sandoval. Located inside Marriott Water Street’s lobby, this new restaurant is fabulous.


Anchor and Brine is an indoor-outdoor restaurant that runs from the lobby area of Tampa Marriott Water Street Hotel to the outdoor patio. The indoor lobby seating is nice, but I recommend sitting on the patio if you have the choice. The views of the bay and yachts are amazing and make the perfect backdrop for a nice dinner.


I was drawn to the Pan Roasted Octopus. I love char on my octopus and this dish came out perfectly cooked. This wasn’t the first dish that came out but it was my favorite dish. Edamame hummus, chorizo, fennel and lemon. The pan roasted octopus was delicious and beautifully presented.


Anchor and Brine: New Seafood Restaurant on Tampa Riverwalk

The other dishes I dined on was the Mixed Greens, Beer cheese soup, Floridian Snapper and Truffle Fries. The Mixed Greens were lovely. Cucumber, radish, and blue cheese, topped with balsamic vinaigrette. This salad came out quickly and was very fresh.

The Beer Cheese Soup was something I’ve never had before, but I’m glad I did. The soup had great flavor, made with Guinness, sweet potato hash and herb oil.

Anchor and Brine: New Seafood Restaurant on Tampa Riverwalk

Next out was the Floridian Snapper which comes with calamari, bacon, and potato. I love seafood. Snapper and calamari are a few of my favorites so this dish was a no brainer. It did not disappoint.

Anchor and Brine: New Seafood Restaurant on Tampa Riverwalk

Truffle fries were really good. The only problem I had with the truffle fries was that there wasn’t more. Fries are my weakness and these were devoured in seconds.


The plates were beautifully plated, and they also offered a nice portion size. Anchor and Brine is a great addition to the Tampa Riverwalk! Outdoor seating, live music and delicious food makes this the perfect spot for a nice lunch or dinner. While a little bit on the pricey side, the food at Anchor and Brine is phenomenal and well worth it!

505 Water St, Tampa, FL 33602

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