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  • high-protein vegan meals -


    My two year ‘No meat’ anniversary is coming up and the number one question I’m always getting asked is “Where do vegans get their protein?” trying not to roll eyes my answer always is “there’s a lot of protein sources in a vegan diet” and its…

  • Delicious Sports Playoff Snacks -

    Delicious Sports Playoff Snacks

    Playoffs are here and that means delicious sports playoff snacks are also here 🙂 For most sports fans, this is the best time of the year because the NHL Playoffs and the NBA Playoffs have just started. For Toronto fans, like myself, we have a lot to cheer…

  • Monster Oats

    While Chica #2, a.k.a. TD, is on a flight to Atlanta, I’m at home, Chica #1, aka TSB, making something to eat so I don’t starve :). I loooove food and try to incorporate veggies into every meal, EVEN breakfast. So today Monster Oats are…